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Reusable and Recyclable Packaging

Our Packaging

The importance of the saying "reduce, reuse, and recycle" is magnified in the beauty industry, which produces 120 billion units of plastic packaging per year. With an alarming projection of 11 million metric tons of plastic expected to enter the ocean this year, it is imperative to explore sustainable alternatives.


We are utilizing glass bottles instead of plastic and striving to minimize overall plastic usage where we can. This way we can maintain the luxurious feel of beauty products while actively working towards a more eco-friendly industry.

Recyclable and Recycled Packaging

At our company, we prioritize sustainable packaging solutions to minimize environmental impact. We address the recycling challenges posed by mixed material packaging by using recycled paper for our shipping boxes and padding. Additionally, we avoid excessive packaging boxes for our products, opting for a streamlined approach that reduces waste. By utilizing recycled materials and eliminating unnecessary packaging, we strive to help you making a positive contribution to the environment while ensuring the safe delivery of your orders.

Planet Made of Plastic
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Black Bottles

Discover our commitment to preserving the power of nature with our innovative use of black bottles. Designed to shield natural ingredients from harmful UV rays, our black packaging extends the shelf life of our products, ensuring the potency and effectiveness of every formulation. Embrace the harmony of science and nature, while indulging in the long-lasting benefits of our carefully crafted beauty essentials.

Our glass bottles are equipped with pumps for easy dispensing, extending the longevity of your products. 

Circular End-Of-Life Plans

We are committed to implementing sustainable practices throughout our business, and we're just getting started. As part of our ongoing efforts, we are actively exploring the introduction of a collection and reuse service for all our bottles. Traditional manufacturing models follow a linear path from production to disposal, but we believe in a circular product life cycle approach that extends beyond the point of purchase. This includes end-of-life plans such as sending products back for proper recycling, returning containers to be cleaned and refilled, or offering damaged containers at discounted prices after refurbishment. By considering the entire life cycle of our products, we aim to minimize waste, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and empower our customers to make a positive impact by participating in the reuse or recycling process. Together, we can create a more sustainable future.

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